New Burlington Bungalow

A very small urban site and limited budget helped make this comfortable bungalow use every inch of the house to maximum effect.  As with many of the sites in Burlington the interpretation of the zoning rules and it’s constraints on the site are a challenging puzzle.  Builder-  Jeremy Oneill.

Garage Mahal

This new building is in my own backyard.  I did all the construction with the exception of the plumbing and electrical. Dubbed the Garage Mahal for its opulence compared to the standard garage, the design challenges were a very tight limit on lot coverage and clay soil which is very bad for structural support of concrete work. I like to experiment on my own projects so that I can work out the kinks before I use it on a clients house.  I used a shallow frost protected slab for the foundation. The foundation reaches only to 2′ below grade. I also used 1″ rigid insulation applied directly to the studs. Both systems have held up well over time.

Richmond Duplex

New construction duplex. Contractor was reclaiming a gravel pit on family land to build a new home and rental property for himself. Builder- Todd Farr

Hillside House

The plot twist on this project was the clients were living overseas and wanted the house to be built by the time they moved back to the country. Using the 3D capabilities of my design software I was able to email them images and animations  of  different design solutions.

The project design was driven by the steep slope and the magnificent views. Builder- Catamount Construction